These are samples produced for the L.A.M.B. line.

L.A.M.B. Spring 2004 Look Book

Season: Spring 2004
Many of the clothing items photogrpahed in the look book are only samples and therefore not made for sale (will not be available at stores). The patch track pants pictured are not those for sale, the mechanic suit will not be for sale, and neither will the halter dress, and more. Contact skagirl if you want more information of the items from the look book that will not be for sale.

mechanic suit

Season: Spring 2004
This was made only as a sample for lamb and will not be available for sale.

halter dress

Season: Spring 2004
Colors: brown, brown rasta stripe, mini plaid
Material: brown-silk knit jersey, brown rasta stripe-cotton voile
Other info: deep cut halter, fiited bodise, mock-wrap bottom
Sizes: 0-12
Price: $309.00
(the information above is from People magazine, the look book, and general observation)

sample patch track pants

Season: Spring 2004
These patch treack pants are very similar to those that are for sale, but there are slight differences. The main one is the stripe down the side. In the sample, it is a cross hatch pattern and in the ones for sale, it is rasta stripes. The sample patch track pants also were made in colors unavailable for sale such as red and green.

bikini top

Season: Spring 2004
Colors: yellow rasta stripe
Material: baby rib
This item was listed in the look book, but apparently will not be reproduced for sale.

black tank

Season: Spring 2004
colors: black This item was produced only as a sample for showing. It demonstrates the style and shape of many of the L.A.M.B. scoop neck tanks.

halter dress

Season: Spring 2004, source of photo claims this item is a sample for spring 2006, but it is made out of the same material as a sample halter dress which is a design from spring 2004.
Colors: mini plaid
Sizes: this sample is a size 4
Other info: one side of the shirt has the plaid horizontally & the other side diagonally. It also features a buttoned military style flaps on the shoulder.