LAMB responsibly

"encouraging lambies to shop responsibly"

Teens, 20 somethings, and others in debt. That is nothing new. But over the past few years,
being an active member of many L.A.M.B. communities, I notice more and more of my peers in
debt and in financial trouble. Why? Because of an addiction to L.A.M.B.

This is no joking matter, but a serious problem causing lots of trouble now and in the
future for many. This section of this site was created to shine light on this problem
and to encourage people to think about their spending habits and make adjustments if need be.

Now, I am in NO WAY discouraging anyone's enjoyment of L.A.M.B., but I am simply trying to
encourage the responsible enjoyment of this addictive clothing line. Most people know that
hype is built around this line... dream items, hard to find items, Gwen wearing certain items, and
our own peers posting pictures of themselves looking hot in their new L.A.M.B. item, or posting
photos of their impressive collections of the clothing line.

There is so much to say on this topic, and I have no intention to say nearly all what needs to be said,
but I would like to get a few things across. Mainly, everyone can responsibly afford to buy a different
amount of L.A.M.B.. This isn't a competition, it's just clothing. Enjoy it at a level that is responsible
at your level of income (or lack there of).

The first place to combat your addiction (if you have one) is at the point of purchase.
Here are some tips to help make the responsible decision:

1) Avoid internet purchases if possible. They are usually spontaneous and can be extra costly with shipping charges.
2) Try on an item before buying it. Take a long hard look. Does it fit you how you want it to? If not, are you willing to take it to a tailor so it will look right and you will wear it often enough to get your money's worth?
3) Think a few years down the road. Will you be satisfied that you had spent $200 (give or take) on the item?
4) Consider if you have the money to responsibly spend on this item. Will you be putting it on credit and paying interest fees on it? Will you have to turn down a night out with the friends to support the purchase?

Also, before you set out to make purchases, SET RULES for yourself. Set LIMITS for yourself.

Think about it, if you buy only 2-3 items a season, that is going to add up to about $300 a season.
With two seasons a year, that is 600 a year on just L.A.M.B. Think how quickly that adds up.
(in the 7 seasons so far, that will be nearly $5000!!!).

If you feel like you have an addiction to L.A.M.B., or retail therapy for that matter, please consider
joining a support group such as "Money Dummies" on