Lambie Helpers

Does it annoy you to call a store for help buying LAMB and the person on the other end of the line has barely any
clue what you are talking about? Well, it annoys me. That is why I have put together this "lambie helpers" section.

On this page you will find fellow LAMB lovers who also are in the business of selling the line. So when you call
their number and ask for "the chili pepper double L crew tee", they will know exactly what you are talking about!

How to Become a Lambie Helper
If you think you can be one of our lambie helpers, send me an email that includes the following information and I will add you to the list:
Your name, the store name, store location, the section you work in, phone number and
extension if possible, LAMB category you can help with (clothing, footwear, bags, etc...)

Lambie Helper



Shadi Jurdi


Mellissa Toma


Cashmere, Illinois

Bloomingdales, 59th Street Manhattan

Nordstrom in Brea, CA

Nordstrom, Palm Beach Gardens

Holt Renfrew, Edmonton, CAN

Contact Info

212-705-2000 ext. 2650

714 529 0123 ext.1445

561 340 2100 ext. 1360

780 425 5300


clothing, lux


clothes, lux

saavy (lamb)


Offers and Info

7% off code: COLLECTLAMB

free shipping for out of stock items

call in and ask for help

shoes, bags, clothing