I began this site soon after the very first L.A.M.B. (clothing) collection was released. It was the Spring 2004
collection and the line needed a website! L.A.M.B. itself had not publically released a look book or launched its
own website and there was a huge need for us fans to see as much of the line we could so that we could make informed
decisions about which of articles of the line we wanted to spend our hard-earned money on.

I took it into my own hands to fill this void and would not have been able to do it without so many of you helping
me out. This site can only exist with the help of you guys who visit the site. I need your photos and information
of items I do not have on the site already and I need links to retailers who sell the line.

Please email me at to send me what you can to help with the site. Now that I am
including handbangs, wallets, accessories, watches and footwear on the page, there is an even greater need for your help.

So thank you for all the help to date and I hope it continues so the site can continue. Also, thank you so much
for visiting the page and taking the time to take a look at this particular section.